Monday, March 31, 2014

Feast Your Eyes

Dear Folks,

Feast your eyes. This is the only pregnancy belly bump picture that you'll be getting. I, unlike many women, do not like advertising my belly for the world to see. My family video chats weekly, and I stand up to show them my profile only once each week- if someone misses it, then they miss it. Yes, I even do that to my family. The only reason that I'm posting this photo on the blog is because of my beloved Aunt Debbie. She sent me an email a while back, and was very sweet. In return for my compliance with her request, she offered a promise of her own. I shall let you see it in her own words. Behold:

Maybe that Prince Charming of yours could send along a photo of your growing Mommy self so we can enjoy the time of changes with you. Of course, I know not to touch The Belly - not even to swipe over it on my iPhone. ☺️

Aunt Debbie is a very smart woman. She has remembered that I have certain strong opinions about belly rubbing. In fact, you may remember some rather boldly put images in a Pictorial from a month or two ago, complete with massive threats to all who felt the need to harass me. Aunt Debbie, because I love you so much, here. A picture taken by my Prince Charming just yesterday. That would make me 37 weeks and two days pregnant in this photo.

(Andrew:  Don't touch it!  Yes - even the picture!)

And there you go. If anyone else has been wondering what I look like now with a belly, you may all say "Thank you, Aunt Debbie!" in the comments. This is all her fault.

In other news, I will be posting tomorrow or the next day about last week, which was filled with a birthday, a baby shower, and a book club. Definitely a big B week.

PS. I've decided to include a little present for you all. This is what Andrew had to work with yesterday while trying to get me to smile for the camera. Not exactly the princess of grace and poise you were expecting. Notice the rather displeased grimace in place of a real smile. Yup. That's just about how it goes around here.

NOTE: Just so you know, I do actually let Andrew touch my belly. It's his kid in there too, after all. And I like him. So he can feel the baby move and all that jazz. But he's just about the only one. 

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  1. Thanks for the personal sacrifice to share a photo. Now we need a photo of the little whippersnapper, who made an early appearance yesterday! Love your little family gobs and lots! Aunt Debbie