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The Princess

My name is Natashya. I love all things pink. I am a princess, and I always have been. I love all things feminine: flowers, dresses, fingernail polish, pretty shoes, a charming smile, and a quick laugh. I do my nails every week because it makes me feel pretty. I believe that being a princess includes kindness, love, compassion, and a willing desire to make other people happy, as well as the ability to sing birds through your windows to help you tidy up. Or to make blueberry pie.

Reading is one of my favorite pastimes. Pride and Prejudice is my all time favorite book, with the other Jane Austen novels following. The Chronicles of Narnia and Anne of Green Gables are required reading material. I have loved Shakespeare since I read The Tempest in second grade. I love to write as well, stories and essays included. I graduated in English and Humanities in 2012 from BYU.

I spontaneously burst out into song, disregarding my location, occupation, and/or company. Musical, opera, Disney, or random song stuck in my head, they'll all come out, probably pitched too high. I'm a soprano and proud of it. I grew up singing around the piano with my family of 12. My sister Megan is one of my favorite people to sing with because our voices sound so well together. I also play the piano, and maybe if I get my hands on a violin, I can start that up again.

I love to dance swing and ballroom. Nothing makes me feel like I'm flying more than being led across the room in a good waltz. Andrew is a great lead. Nothing makes me feel more playful than a good lindy hop.

Baking and cooking are great fun! Not only do you create something new, you get to share that something with other people! I generally eat more dough or batter than the finished product on most of my baked goods. I've still never found anything that beat a good chocolate chip cookie, fresh out of the oven with a cold glass of milk.

My family and my faith in Christ mean everything to me.

The Engineer

Hello.  Andrew here.  Tashya does most of the writing around here (or anywhere) but I should add a bit about myself here.  I have a variety of interests.

I enjoy good music.  Especially something with a swing beat to it. I've played the trombone for more than half of my life at this point, through high school and college.  I've played in concert, marching, and jazz bands, and at football and basketball games.  All the way to the NCAA playoffs once or twice.  I even started my own group one summer and wrote all the tunes myself.

I enjoy learning how things work, fixing broken ones, and making better ones.  All things science and engineering are pretty much awesome to me.  I got a Mechanical Engineering degree at BYU, and now have a job working with computer tools for engineers and scientists.  My company is sort of a Home Depot for those sorts of guys - they make tools for test, measurement, and control that are used in all sorts of industries and applications.

I spent two years in Brazil and speak fluent Portuguese.  There I was a missionary, teaching about Christ to all that would listen to me, from the well-off to those in ghettos.  I was also mugged.  Twice.  I love to learn and to teach and to share things with others.

I aspire to be someday like a sort of modern day Benjamin Franklin, to know something about everything.  I would like to be able to make contributions for the world in more than just one way.

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