Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Excuse for Not Writing Since... A While...

Dear Family and Friends,


That being said, I shall move on with m'excusing and all that jazz.

You see, dear ones, The Man and I are taking many a class this semester, and sometimes the weight of the world really comes down hard on us.

And can I just tell you that the world really is quite heavy? Those Americans need to cut back on the French Fries, I'm telling you that! (PS! FREE FRIES TOMORROW AT BURGER KING! You'd better believe Andy and I will be first in line!)

It wasn't that I didn't want to write to you. I did. Really, I did. But every time I was going to, something along the following lines happened:

I'm a happy person. I can blog, talk to family, manage homework, and spend time with Andrew. 

And then....


I tried to adjust to the increased workload by looking ahead and scheduling-use that planner!

But I didn't know that life had MORE pranks!

I decided that I would try to hide from some of the evil homework/random things demanding my time. It was actually working for a little while.

But that didn't last long.

But now I am here. I am DONE WITH FINALS for the semester, and I couldn't be happier about it! HUZZAH HURRAH AND... BA...RAHhhh....? (I need another celebratory word starting with "H"...)I will have to time to blog about adventures and episodes of bizarreness of which this chronicle is an long tome (or should be, anyway).

So you now have my excuses and my apologies and my promise to be better and my bribery to be patient so you can have more knowledge of the Golden Times of Tashy and Randy.

*PS. I suppose that this whole excuse should work on account of Andrew as well, since he was more or less in the same rocky boat careening down the melancholic and very active stream of death.*


  1. H word --> Hallelujah!

    I'm done with finals too. And I'm already bored. Haha. I got like 4 hours of blessed freedom before I started twiddling my thumbs and wondering when the fun would come to me. Apparently you have to find IT...that's just too hard. I think I'll go to work for eight hours tomorrow instead...yyeaaaahhhhh!!

    Thanks for the blog post (finally) and I really liked the one where you and Andy were being crushed by an Earth thing. Not that I like your pain was a good drawing...ok thanks bye.

  2. Your blog cracks me up! an honest and real way. I LOVE your recollections of conversations and your accurate take on what occurred/how you felt during the whole ideal...'s something I am trying to work on (my memory = not so good)

    ...and, of course, I love your paint-like cartoons! It's better than 8-bit. :-)

    Love you guys,
    (your cousin)