Sunday, March 11, 2012

Get Yours Today!

Matt and Michele are some good friends of ours who live in the same apartment complex as we do. We enjoy talking and hanging out- and Michele and I both do baking and crocheting attempts and entertain each other with successes and fantastic un-successes that keep us on our toes.

In our apartments, the windows are double-paned. They have cute little squares on them too. I like them. Anyway, sometimes, some condensation gets between the panes... and it looks wet. Michele noticed one time when looking at her windows that some of the condensation had collected to create a vertical puddle within her window.

Not that this is an uncreative way to maximize on space in an apartment. I can actually think of a few ways to decorate this- more to come on that below- but Michele thought of something that made me feel extremely validated. That's right. She thought of ....


Because apparently water equates to fish which equals death which produces a DEAD FISH HEAD between her window panes. When she told me this story, I laughed. And then as I got back to my place with Andrew, I thought about her pretty curtains that she made herself- cute little yellow curtains of sunshine and happy. I figured that I would allow my creative juices to flow and help her to create a functioning kind of decor in her little home.

Say hello to Bertie and Martha, two of the most adorable little fish to be had for Window Aquariums! They are so happy in their little abode that comes complete with a little cave to snooze in, some snazzy looking underwater trees, and those colorful rocks that tend to find their ways into fish tanks. The smell of fish and nasty is neatly contained within the confines of the window interior area, and the beauty can displayed both inside and outside. No need for DEAD FISH HEADS to make your adorable home an unsightly, unseemly, and unsanitary abode! Just grab one of Tashya's Awesomely Amazing Window Aquariums today!

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