Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Find that Changed Our Lives

*NOTE!: This post was created an goodly amount of time ago, but wasn't finished due to finals and school and awesome stuff like that. The adventures of that other awesome stuff will be detailed in a following post.*

Dear Family, Friends, Acquaintances, and Those Who Happen Upon This Collection of Somewhat Ridiculous Posts:

This post contains a story, a celebration, and an informative blurb, all for your reading enjoyment. Huzzah for all of you!

So last week, Andy and I went on a Study/Homework Date on Friday. I know, how exciting can married people get on a weekend?! Good thing that we kept it low-key. We didn't want to make all the single people feel bad about not having a good looking person to do homework with. So anyway, we went on a Study/Homework Date to the Cannon (it's that cafeteria/eating place on campus-it's a buffet with lots of tasty food and lots of people go there, mostly freshman, because it's on their turf since they don't even HAVE kitchens, so cooking your own food isn't an option... sorrowful day!). And we ate food and did homework. And since we had been homeworking just about all week, I was an oodle by the time we were going home around 8:00 or so.

I was paying very little attention to the area or space around me because I was busy telling Andrew about something really important. Andrew was paying attention to me.

As we were walking home, Andy noticed something that would change our lives. Seriously. It would.

That's right. An adorable, itty bitty TV set. It's got about a 13 inch screen. That's like 3 inches smaller than my laptop. It also has a built in VCR in the front, complete with cool buttons. It has one of those old school not-flat screens, like a little potbelly on the front of a very short elderly gentleman. And it was just sitting out there in front of the dumpster. ALONE! Who would ever want to get rid of such a treasure?

So while I walked innocently on, pretending that I had nothing to do with the dumpster-not-diving-but-swiping-from-the-premises-of-the-general-area-around-the-dumpster activities in which Andy was deeply submerged, Andy became the swiper of the item from the premises previously mentioned. That's right. WE TOOK IT HOME WITH US!

To those of you who don't know, this is exciting. This is a big step in our marital career. This is our first TV!

When we brought it home, the only place we had to put it was on one of our two chairs. That meant that we only had one chair left. But that's ok. We stopped eating at the table a little while ago when it became a stack of important papers and things that we couldn't lose. Paradoxically, the table is also the place where we lose the most things. Strange how that tends to happen...

Andy hooked up a few wire things, and shortly thereafter, we were really happy to be watching TV on our very own little TV, not down in the lounge or someone else's little (or big, as generally the case presents itself) TV. We found America's Funniest Home Videos, the local high school basketball game, and, our favorite, WOMEN OF NINJA WARRIOR! And then I found a show that was my doom... Say Yes to the Dress... *sigh* Poor Andy. I love weddings, I love dresses. I don't love drama, but the other two aspects made up for it. Andy had to wait until I was deliriously sleepy enough to drag my off to bed. Literally. I was too fussy for him to pick me up and carry me.

Note from Andrew: This is NOT an exaggeration. She likes princess dresses. She also gets delusional and irrational when she's really tired (and sometimes when she isn't).

I'll be writing another post (because I can do that now that school is out and I am starting to recover brain cells enough to write coherent sentences. Huzzah!) about how this little black box really affected us in the weeks that followed this critical find.

In other news, today and yesterday was General Conference, a wonderful and magnificent gathering of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints where we get to listen to living prophets and apostles tell us the will of the Lord. What a wonderful blessing that is!

Author's Note: (I've written this post, and you know that I've written it, so I don't know why I included the fact that this note is from myself.) I realized that I started this blog with the intentions that people read it and know that Andrew and I are still alive and functioning on some level. I realized also that I have been posting once in a green moon, and that our families and friends may get concerned when there is no wordage or verbage from us Weird Ones. However, I started drawing pictures and getting all sorts of excited about that aspect of the blog. And then I stopped posting unless I had time to draw cool pictures, or if I had something that might be remotely interesting to other people. So now I'm in the midst of deciding whether or not I should continue this trend. I'm thinking that I might not have all the posts be pictorial posts. I know that may be depressing, but it will also get me writing more posts, and put me back in the habit of communications. Isn't communication crucial to good relationships? I don't know. I guess that I'll let the public decide on that one.

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  1. Oh how I love those weird Heims!! Can`t wait to see you! And for further enticement you will be here PROM weekend and get to help see Emily off to her first formal dance! Princess dress included!!!@