Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Not a Good Day for Flowers

PLEASE NOTE: This was written several weeks ago, and for some reason entirely unknown to myself, Bob Saget, Andrew's trombone, or even my teddy bear Francis, it didn't get posted to the blog. So, here you go. Have a nice read on this while I draw pictures about Thanksgiving. END NOTE.

Did you know that I have a china set? I do. It's pretty. It's an off white shade, with beautiful silver and white flowers and designs on it. It even has silver on the edges. It's actually very beautiful. I'm very proud of it. However, all of the pieces are very dusty and dirty. I've just pulled them out of the box where they've been hiding for a good long while because I now have an elegant hutch to put them in. So am I going to wash them?


Now, you may be wondering why, if it is indeed true that I'm proud of my fine china set and wish to display it, WHY would I not clean this collection of teacups and dinner plates and gravy boats and those ones that I'm not even sure what purpose they have? Because apparently is the day to kill off flowers.

I have a favorite set of mugs. Each one has a different type and color of flower drawn on it all cutesy like to make a mismatching matching set of four. There used to be four. Two were killed off in the battleground of college living. Today for lunch, I went for my favorite- peanut butter and jelly sandwich with milk. The ONLY correct way to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is with milk. Any other notion or way of consuming this type of sandwich is blasphemy. End of story. Anyway, I decided to use one of my favorites, the blue and green flowered one. I reached up on my tippy-toes to get it off of the high shelf... and then watched it land on the floor by my feet.

That's right. I broke my favorite blue and green flowered mug. After staring at it for a while, I noticed that my arm was kind of sore. It turns out that I whacked it during my failed mad dash to save my beloved mug. I mourned my mug. Even using my favorite pink and orange flowered mug didn't make me feel better. Not even my favorite lunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwich with milk didn't make me feel better.

I got up after lunch and started doing the dishes. I wanted to clear out all of the other dishes before I brought in my china set. I didn't want any accidents because there were too many dishes in the sink. It was a good idea, I though. Besides, cleaning the dishes is a good thing to do if you don't want a stinky kitchen. But my good idea decided to rub itself in my face. As I was washing one of my green and pink flowered bowls I got for our wedding, it JUMPED out of my hand and split into two pieces and a sliver right there in the sink. I stared at that for a while, too. I picked up the pieces and tried to put them together- it looked like it would be a clean gluing job. I put a cloth down on the counter so I could put the wet pieces down gently. But then the stubborn buffoon piece of crockery decided to jump out of my hand AGAIN, and the two pieces became three.

That was when I decided to give up on glass things for the day. And things with flowers. That china set is just going to stay dirty until Andrew has time to supervise me while I'm working with it. Instead I sat down, ate some starbursts, and drew some pictures for this blog. And then I decided to write this story for you as well. So here you go.

No more flowers or glass. And especially no more glass flowers. At least for today.

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