Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hello Again!

It has been quite some time since I last posted. I apologize to all. I especially apologize to my family members who depend upon this blog to know that I am indeed alive, and what is happening in the life of Those Weird Heims down there in Texas. I also especially apologize to the dear, lovely people who have expressed their admiration for our blog, only to be summarily ignored. I do promise, though, that you were never summarily dismissed completely from my mind. In fact, I am even now at this moment sending you a mental package of love and a small box of cookies!

To Bugheera's roommates: Welcome. I hope that all of you ladies are having a wonderful time together. Bugheera likes the pictures on this blog, so we can see if you like them too. In time, I may learn your names and write stories about you if Bug tells me about any that are particularly spectacular.

At this time, I would like to give an update on how things have been going. About a year ago, I wrote a similar post with a paragraph about important things here and there. It was when we were moving down here to Texas, and it involved plenty of chaos. It does not, however, include the Horrorific and Panic-Inducing Tale of the Plague of Crickets. Let me tell you, no bueno! No me gusta! Except, one of the pictures is rather funny. Other than that, there was nothing good in that situation.

And so, here is the Recent Update List.

Numero Uno:

As you know, my older sister Megan was married on May 3rd. What you might not have known is that I flew out to Tennessee to be with my family for two weeks before the wedding. And then I drove to Utah with them. Yup. I flew so I could drive. Makes sense, doesn't it? But it was great fun. It was a bunch of us Chelsons having a grand old time together. I got to sleep in a big bed with more than half of my sisters for several nights. Did you know that some of them are funny when they sleep? It's true. I won't embarrass them here, but they should probably know that I'm laughing at them.

Nombre Deux:

When Andrew and I flew home from the wedding (no, I didn't drive to Tennessee to fly back to Texas), we had an extra person with us. Teannka is my youngest sister. She has been with us this past month. We've been doing a bit of a Princess Academy. We work on reading and confidence and the suchlike.

We have gone to the library, the pool, the park, and have made all sorts of different recipes. We have also played a lot of Super Smash Bros. because that is an awesome game, and Teannka realizes that too. She has also learned about Portal and Netflix. And we sing songs.

Teannka and I had a tea party using my fine china set. I don't have a tea pot, but I do have tea cups and saucers. We used orange peach mango juice, which is one of my favorites. We had fancy little sandwiches, Greek yogurt, and awesomely tasty sundried tomato and basil crackers. We were going to make crumpets to be super official and English, but we looked at the recipe. Turns out that I'll need to expend some effort for that recipe. So, I'll be doing that later.

Tres (Foreign Language for Three):

My health has been somewhat improving. After deciding that I didn't want to take even MORE prescriptions that may or may not be helpful, Andrew and I found a chiropractor that we could go to. We found out that my neck is not how it should be. The spine is actually starting to bend the wrong way. So I'm going in about three times a week to try to fix things. I've already noticed some improvements, so that's good.

Number Four:

I'm an original blogger for a new website. If you'd like to see some of my posts there, then look at the following links. I wrote one about menus in How to Avoid Stress and Save Happiness in the Kitchen. I think that menus are very important. I was going to write about it on here, but I wrote about it over there. I might redo it for this blog as well. We'll see. I put up two of the recipes that have already been on here (for my recipes, check the Edibles tab up there). And I also wrote one on something that really helps me out: A Spot o' Tea and a Splash o' Smile. So yes. Although I don't even read all of the other articles put up there by some of the other girls (because I'm not really interested in some of those topics- honestly, I don't really need to be as skinny as a model, I'm happy with being fit), it's still fine to share goodness and send my fun words out into the world.  I hope some of them can help someone smile and brighten someone's day (or in the case of this last article, warm someone's evening). (Andrew totally ended that sentence for me, and I'm going to leave it like that.)

And really, I suppose that's the Update List for today. I don't really have all that many wonderful things to tell you in list form. I have some great tales that will be told in Pictorial form in the coming days. So look ahead! Now that I'm back, I intend to stay here. Well, not all the time. Just long enough to post, and then I'll go back to the real world.

PS. Suzzie, did you know that I love your comments? True story.

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