Monday, September 12, 2011

And we'll just dive right in, shall we?


Don't let that opening fool you. Neither of us speak that language. Andy speaks Brazilian, though, and I can blurble French and am also highly fluent in Franglish.
The world is smiling upon us, the happy couple, this fine day. We have been married for ONE WHOLE MONTH today! Is that not exciting? I find it to be so. In honor of the occasion, Randy (ones of Andy's nicknames used nearly exclusively by yours truly) got me some fresh pineapple. ALSO I received some little chocolatey morsels of happiness in the form of Lindt Truffles. White chocolate with cream cheese filling is my favorite. What pure delight does flow from that seemingly inconsequential little thing! *sigh* What happiness is mine because of a loving husband. What? What did I get HIM? Oh, I'm so awesome. I got him a little parachute man to throw off the tops of buildings and such. I like to encourage him in his pursuits of knowledge. He likes aerodynamics. His life dream (after marrying a princess) is to become a mad scientist and work with all sorts of air rockets and other cool explosive things. I am helping to steer him in the direction of saving the lives of the valiant individuals who attempt to fly his creations. We're a good match.

This past Tuesday (a week ago minus a day), we finally got a real bed. We've been sleeping on a twin sized air mattress these past few weeks... and... Well, real beds are amazingly stupendously fantabulous. Yipee! The air mattress was useful as we have been moving into our new apartment. When we needed floor space to unpack, we'd just lean the bed right up against the wall and VOILA! Space. Can't really do that with a big bed. Well, you probably could, but it wouldn't be very easy. 

On Friday night we watched a movie for my Rhetoric class. It's called Sunset Boulevard, and it's amazingly creepily intense. I don't know if I've ever seen any acting that was quite that good. The plot was very tense, but it was so well done, and the music was riveting and haunting! I don't know if I'd ever watch it again, but it was amazing. Andy said the same thing. It was on campus and we got to watch it in the library theater from the old school film reels. This wasn't a DVD up there projecting, it was the OLD stuff! It was a really neat experience to see that. We even got to watch the first installment of the adventures of Copperhead and the Mysterious Dr. Satan! Now that was one trippy little show. It's a serial from back in the days. A serial is something like Pixar's shorts nowadays. You know when you go watch a Pixar movie in theaters and they have those cute little animated things before the show? Apparently, back in the day they used to play a serial, a newsreel, and the feature picture. Neat stuff. 

Erm, other happenings? We got our wedding pictures this week. That's terribly exciting, isn't it? Now we can share moments from our special day with everyone! And, most importantly, we'll get to look at them all we want!... Well, that's actually false since we have so much homework all the time. I'm taking 17 credits of senior level English classes, and Andrew is in his Capstone project this year. We have a lot to do, and we're usually on campus from about 8:00 am to about 4:00 pm or so. Give or take a few hours depending on the day and how many group projects that we have going on.

Andrew is a pretty wonderful guy. When I'm really busy with homework (five too many hours of reading material), he'll help wash the dishes, or play with my hair (one of my favoritest things ever!), or just help lighten my stressed nerves. He's amazing, and I'm one lucky girl. 

Well, that's it for this time, folks! We're off to do more homework, a group meeting, family night, and dinner! 

PS. We don't speak Italian either.

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  1. YAY!!!!!!!! I love love LOVE blogging! And I am so happy you have one......I too am a blogger. Welcome!