Sunday, September 25, 2011

Celebration of Womb Emancipation Days!

It is a season of festivities around this time of year. Yours truly is the second of ten children, and we like to blob up together in our birthdays. We have three birthdays in September, and four in October. Now, thanks, to Andrew, we have four in September as well. (This isn't counting extended family, which would hike up the numbers in a lovingly wonderful way.) 

The Septembers

This fine fellow pictured below is mine Daddy. He's a wonderful man. He taught me how to work and how to love knowledge and music. Thanks to him, I love the smell of construction sites, especially halogen lights. Those things are the best ever!
"You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose." 
"It's Operator Malfunction."

A strapping lad of ten years, this boy is an absolute Beast. Isn't he adorable? He'll turn into a Prince, that's for sure. He makes touchdowns and interceptions and tackles and baskets and passes and all sorts of sporty things. He's also got a great smile, and a tender heart. 
"Come and det it, wadies!"


"I have a food baby." 

Yup, I'm in this month. Actually, that day when I fell over and died with Francis on my head was the day after my birthday. You'll recognize my picture by now. (In case you didn't know, I'm the girl in the white dress in all of these pictures.)

This fine specimen of a man is old today! But that's alright, because I love him dearly still. He's a good man. He's smart, loves music and dancing, laughing and playing, and learning and discovering. He also fixes all the technology I break. 

The Octobers

                                 KEKKA the MELON
What a talker! And what a baker! Did you know that my favorite cake recipe comes from this girl? She likes to watch cool tv shows with me, like Martin the Warrior. She reads more books than are in existence, and she orbits in the back yard.

"Be gentle! You'll break the melon!"
"I forgot to put the eggs in..."
Now, Spud is just about as Studly as you can get. He's strong, stubborn, sweet, and loves cute things. He draws really neat pictures of Kiwis. He's probably one of the best brothers in the whole world, and I look up to him, both literally and figuratively. 

"I'm going to rule the world." 
"Isn't it so cute?!" 
"CLENCH! YOUR! ...."

Duke will make you fall on the floor, gasping with all of your might for one sweet breath of air- but you don't get it because you're laughing too hard. He loves his Mama, and shows it by bossing her around and/or making "your mom" jokes with me (but only when Mom is right there). His favorite color is sunshine yellow.

"My mommy wants me to go home now."
 "YOUR Mom's...!"

"Mom, stop." 

A little trickster and trouble maker in the guise of an angel, that's what she is! And I couldn't love her more. She's a miser, but has a generous heart when she sets her mind to it. She doesn't use original words if she doesn't have to, and she doesn't have to very often because she can quote every Disney (and several other) movie in the entire world. Talk about unoriginal originality!
"Eat your applesauce."  
"My dead."

Those are our birthdays for these two months. A very joyous time of festivities for the lot of you. We little children here at school love you all from afar, and send our love, hugs, and a small box of assorted cookies your way.

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