Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Because Today Went So Well

Dear Folks,

Because today went so well, I am exhausted. I'm not sure what I'd be like if all had come to pass in an ill manner. I am, however, functioning slightly under peak performance. Or optimal. Or mostly alright. But I am well enough to say that everyone should laugh at this highfalutin man trying to be hip:

Because you didn't need to see his face anyway.

And also, in case you are like me and enjoy Shakespearean tongue and get a kick out of this, INSULT AWAY! Here's a handy chart! How many lines can you identify from the Bard's plays?


If you enjoy laughing AT ALL, and you have experienced the horridly boring, yet mildly interesting, irritation of channel surfing, then watch this:

AAAAAAND one last thing. You should definitely go read about my post about SURGERY from last year, because I had another procedure done today. While wholly unrelated in the health problem in question, there are some similarities to state of mind situations. Here's a picture from that post:

I shall report on today's proceedings tomorrow. Until then, adieu!


  1. I hope you are feeling well! Baby and I both laughed (well she squealed)while the watching channel surfing.

  2. Hope you are feeling ok. I wish I was there alongside of you.


  3. Hey Natashya! Thanks for stopping by my blog while I was on vacation! I thought I'd return the favor and check out yours! I'm now your newest follower and am looking forward to getting to know you!

  4. okay so I've been out of town which meant almost no blog reading and yours was the one I missed the mostess. so yeah you rock as much as studio c