Saturday, April 6, 2013

Megan the Ninja Fool

You may recall my beloved sister Megan from her introductory post about how she and I made some grand fools of ourselves in rather majestic fashion. (Incidentally, that post has become one of my top ten viewed in the few weeks that it's been there. Apparently sisters making fools of themselves is really appealing to people nowadays.) Well, good old Megan gave me a call this week, a call that just brought a smile to my face like gold brings a grin to Prince John's ugly mug.

NOTE: I don't have an ugly mug. I have a very pretty mug. Lots of them, actually. You should see the beautiful mug that my friend Michele gave me. She saw this post about how I destroyed my favorite flower mug and she got me a lovely new one. If my flowers had married her beautiful whimsy, this mug would have been the product of that relationship. It's perfect!

Anywho, I'm not talking about Megan and mugs. I'm talking about Megan and April Fools' Day. And already, we know this will be a beautiful and heartwarming tale. We continue.

Megan is in her last semester of college. She lives in a small house with a few other girls, which means much sharing of bathrooms. On April 1, Megan discovered that she needed relief from her oppressive bladder, and accordingly journeyed on to the bathroom. After she got in, however, her senses kicked into ultra mode. She knew what day it was. She knew that she must keep her wits about her. The bathroom becomes one of the most dangerous battlefields on April 1, often being the location of some of the cruelest barbarities known to jokesters and pranksters. Megan wasn't going to let anyone take her by surprise.

While Megan was preparing to go about her business, she noticed a shape lurking behind the shower curtain. There was definitely a roommate back there, lying in wait for the opportune moment to come along! Now, Megan is no booby head. She doesn't let people push her around!

 That's right. Megan went into MegaNinja Mode. None of this pansy stuff for her. Who needs a man to save you when you can totally attack a shower curtain all by yourself? Because that's what she did. Attacked a shower curtain.

Megan's senses are so finely honed that she was able to detect a life form from a different part of the house. Because she could feel the life vibes so strongly, she mistakenly labeled the person as being located in the shower not three feet from her own person. This is no slight against Megan's intelligence. Indeed, this is an homage to her very keen senses. Her powers are so great that she sometimes has a difficult time controlling them.

Let this be a lesson to you all: Megan is no woman to be trifled with. Approach with caution. Cuidado! (That's about as close as I can get to Spanish. I don't speak Spanish. Megan does, since she lived in Santiago, Chile for 18 months as a missionary.) Attention! (French.) WHOA, GURL! WATCHIT! (Weird Slang Stuff.) Well, SHEEYOOOT!!!! (Cowboy.) Mostly, just be wary when trying to prank a blonde MegaNinja. Even if you escape harm, please, consider your shower curtains. A ninja is a dangerous foe to have. A ninja fool is an even more formidable opponent.


  1. haha!! your posts never let me down. These pictures are pure genius and hilarious!! My dad actually likes to do that. He'll go hide in the bathtub and jump out when my fiance goes in there, its the funniest thing. My senses are whacked too...they seriously have their own mind. I can hear, smell and taste things that no one else can and they all think I'm I? Maybe? My fiance has learned that when I say something about hearing/smelling or tasting not to mess with me..

  2. oh my gosh you both crack me up. I would freak out if my dad jumped out at my husband IN TGE BATHROOM. haha. although the bathroom ids where the most hilarious and awesome of pranks go down.

  3. I probably would've done the same thing..........

  4. Hhahahahaha. I look like a fish in the first flying ninja one. hehe.