Sunday, April 28, 2013

Settling the Score

Hello, everyone!  Andrew here.

So word has it that Tashya is always saying good things about me here.  Actually, I look over most posts before they go up, so I'm probably where that idea comes from.  But I'm here to (try to) settle the score (a little bit).

So, I asked a few people that know Tashya really well what they think of her.  B
ecause somehow because I know her the best and spend every day with her, my opinion should be discounted.  Does anyone else wonder why things seem to happen that way? Anyways, here are their responses, edited only enough so that (I hope) she can't tell who said what:

"She is wonderful, and kind. And really sweet. Whenever you need her she's there. I love her."

"OH! what a marvelous idea! Tashya is so wonderfully amazing! there are so many qualities that I absolutely admire and adore about her. The biggest thing is her kindness and concern for others. She is one I go to just to get sympathy, comfort, and just plain ol' love. She is just so wonderful."

"Tashya has always been the one that would give comfort to anyone in need. She's spiritually in tune and does what God want her to do. She loves everyone and everyone loves her. If there is a woman in this world who is more deserving than Tashya to be a princess, I have yet to make meet her."

"She knows how to get things done and I go to her when I have a problem. One day, I was looking through my things and I noticed she had written me a note. It was a cute, touching note saying how much she loved me and gave me some advice."

"Ohboyohboyohboy!!!!  What to say about the amazing Natashya Chelson Heim...well, she's quirky, she's delightful, she's smart, she's thoughtful, she's amusing, and she has great nails. She really knows how to make a person feel SPECIAL."
"One thing I really love about Natashya is that she is just plain nice. She doesn't gossip or say mean things about people. She isn't dramatic, well like in the bad sense. (She can get pretty dramatic over how wonderful some recipes are.) She seems to love people for who they are, and that's enough for her. I really love watching it in her marriage. I have never heard her say anything less than loving about Andy, and I think that's really sweet.PS. We also like her sense of socks and over-all princess attitude."
"She is very funny! I love her blogs and her pictures! Oh, sorry, I seem to be blabbing. It's impossible to think of all of the things and stories I remember about her. hmm. Tashya is Charity."

So there, Tash.  Every one of these things is true, and I say it often. But this time didn't come out of my mouth, so you can't discount them.  So there.  Ha!
Granted, we do have our differences.  Sometimes,  you seems to make the world more complicated than it needs to be:

How things really are

How Tashya sees things
And sometimes you feel hot when it's 73 degrees but freeze if it's 69.  And sometimes you steal my blankets. But I wouldn't trade you for the world.  I want to always be with you.  Because you are so wonderful.

I love you,

Your Andrew


  1. I love this! Tashya is so sweet! Andrew, you are so romantic.

  2. Oh my gosh this is the cutest!!! Great job Andy!! :) Love you Natashya!!