Monday, April 8, 2013

Feel Free To Laugh With Me

So, this isn't what I was going to post today. I actually have a very thoughtful post saved as a draft right now. But it's not done, and I wanted that post to be more put together than not. However, seeing as I should be putting something up here, I decided to do it this way.

I am going to share some of the things that made me laugh out loud this weekend. Literally. Laughter came out of my mouth. And loudly. No mere chuckles from this girl, no sirree bob! Feel free to laugh right along with me. I won't even get jealous that it's not my pictures that you're laughing at. These are too good to keep to oneself.

This is in Brazilian (Portuguese): It says "I'm ugly! -- HAHA! April Fools!"

This explains my bangs. Pink cows. Who knew?:

My life... the universe... everything... it all makes sense now

And I have this thing with cows being funny. Especially ones that look like a close relative of Sid the Sloth:


Daddy is a construction man, and I'm sure he feels like this is how we children are when we help him:

Raise your hand if shaving is your favorite part of grooming. I'm not raising mine. Neither is this bear:

I just like this. Politeness and etiquette will always be respectable:

I hope that you know this song, because it's great for when you need a diva moment:

Because we all have moments when we finally get what's going on, and we feel super clever about it all:

Play with the friends that you have. You never know when you're a source of adorable hilarity to the people (who actually know what's going on) around you:

This one nearly murdered me. This is how to handle rocks like a boss. Listen to Zelda boss music or other "I'm Awesome" song of your choice in your head:

And if you want to read a story about a really confusing piece of fish, and how it almost destroyed me like the boss it was, please feel free to read about the Dead Fish Head. It's one of my personal favorites from the Pictorial collection.

This alligator just proves that we all have a song within us, just waiting to burst forth. Don't let anything hold you back:

Sometimes horrible things are just plain alright if the cause is cute enough:

Did you know that Andrew's pet peeve is loserly drivers? And that he plots his revenge constantly in the way that only an engineer would be able to muster?:

Did you know that Star Trek depicts actual, real life moments that happen to all of us? Because we all get that awkward "I just missed the joke ball" thing. What makes is really bad is when we get the "pity smile" from the one who doesn't really know socialness:

And you should definitely bask in the glory of a Brazilian man shampoo commercial. Maybe this is why Andrew wanted "Grandpa's Wonderful Pine Tar Soap Bar." Much better than my Herbal Essence Orange Happy Smelling Woman Stuff:

I have to admit that it's even funnier when your Brazilian speaking husband plays it and repeats every line slowly (in his low Brazilian voice) so that you can try to understand it. 

So... I hope that you enjoyed that. I certainly did. Regular posts will come back, but until tomorrow, I bid you feast your souls on joyous and constant laughter. Laughter really is the best medicine. Heal yourself. 


  1. Stop making me laugh all the time, seriously!!! This is the best post I've seen. Because I'm weird, I was going through the list and trying to remember the ones I love by giving them a number but pretty much lost count because they're all amazing. The diva moment one, oh my goodness...hilarious! thanks for ending my night with a good laugh...totally my best friend!

  2. Haha, this really is funny. The meme's that were related to songs, I definitely started singing them in my head. Thanks for the laugh. :)

  3. These are funny! Thanks for the laugh!

  4. oh my gosh the pity smile. Thanks for making me laugh this week, and well always when I read you blog. You are pretty much the biggest destresser in the whole entire world.