Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mexican Rice (and Spanish Rice): A Tale of Exotic Dancing

This ridiculous picture refuses to center. I think this horrid thing is just being a  lousy  half of a pickle stuffed with peanut butter. It needs to get a life. The tasty recipe has a life. I have a life. Why can't the picture have a life?! CURSE YOU RAMSAR 2000!! That link will take you to the story that explains some of the enmity betwixt me and technology.

And after all that fuss, IT CENTERED! Technology. We. Are. Not. Friends.
ANYWAYS... We're moving on now.

Mexican Rice Recipe (With a Variation for Spanish Rice)

It's tasty stuff. Real tasty, I'm telling you! And so is Spanich Rice. And by "Spanich," I definitely mean Spanish. Because spinach isn't in this recipe. Sorry, spinach lovers. You'll have to look elsewhere for a recipe involving a Spanish variation of spinach. 

(NOTE: Andrew didn't laugh at that paragraph, even though he should have. I'm tired, and I can't type when I'm tired. I was too lazy to backspace, so I got clever (or dumb, as the case may be). Andrew must be so tired that he's momentarily lost his sense of humor. Did anyone else laugh at that? Besides me? ... Maybe we just both need to go to bed.)

I did this as a guest post for my friend Tanney's blog a while ago, but I realized that I never put the recipe up here in my Edibles stash. Silly me! It includes the two recipes, and also a Pictorial about the first time that I tried this recipe. It was fun. If nothing else, go check out the diagram I drew. It will make me feel special.

And just as a side note for people that I don't know, I'm putting up several recipes that feed two people comfortably, with a little left over. It's also good for people who are in college, and just want some food to take for lunch the next day as well as dinner that night. It also feeds one man.

PS. Feel free to poke around on Tanney's blog. Her real name is Tayler, and I love her to bits. Hi, Tanney! I hope you're having a good day in Utah!


  1. You need to know that I laughed at the whole post. Your anger with the picture not centering, your note about Andrew not laughing.. That was all funny stuff to me!

    Thanks for the laugh. :)

  2. I need to start keeping track of how much I laugh because of your posts. You tell Andrew that he needs to re read this until he starts to laugh..I demand it! And that recipe, yum. totally going to make this!! I swear my pictures plot against me when I'm trying to center them. They just want to make life so tough! And then sometimes when I add a picture, it moves to the top of the pages although its not supposed to. We have a few words when that happens!

  3. I laughed at your Spanich paragraph, and then Curtis was like, what what? What's going on?! He always does that when I laugh at something on the computer..like he's missing something and can't bare it!

    I get rather angry with the computer (blogger?) too because it likes to go crazy when I'm on it.. and I don't know how many times I've started freaking out on it. Seriously though, SO MANY TIMES!

    Glad you're putting up recipes for those of us in college that never have time to really cook multiple meals. Or.. well, recipes that feed one man, because Curtis is kind of a fatty when it comes to actual food eating. I don't know how he does it, but he can eat!

    1. There's nothing like laughing at a screen by yourself to excite the curiosity and interest of every other person in the room. :) I admit that when Andrew and I get on our computers for "mutual computer time," I often ask to see what he's laughing at. It helps that we sit next to each other on the couch, dissolving into laughter together. Great fun.

      And I'm glad, erm, sorry that you experience technological woes as well. I completely empathize.